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Often in the event of a divorce, the concern of spousal maintenance will arise. Couples may decide between themselves if payments are needed and for what amount, but in the event that they cannot agree a court will step in. Ensure you get a fair decision by enlisting the experienced help of the attorneys at Cervera Garcia Law Offices LLC of Milwaukee, WI.

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When spousal support is being decided, the courts consider several factors. While the court account for matters related to the support-seeking spouse’s ability to maintain a living upon divorce, they will also focus on certain things, including the length of the marriage, the capacity of either spouse to earn a living, and if one spouse has stopped working to raise the couple’s child or children.

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What is Spousal Support?

To guard against any lax or missed payments, courts may issue a wage assignment order, which stipulates that employers automatically deduct a predetermined amount from the supporting spouse’s paycheck every time he or she gets paid. If such as order cannot be issued, courts may issue different, and often more extreme, measures to ensure maintenance payments are made.

How is spousal support paid?